“Up to one Megawatts capacity solar power solutions commissioned thus far”                            “BMM participated in SDC 9th Sustainable Development Conference 6- Dec 2016 at Marriot Hotel Islamabad”                            “Attended Punjab Energy Efficiency Conference regarding Net-Metering on 25th Nov 2016 “


At BMM Solar, we believe a solar world is a better business world. With the corporate realization of responsibility tied to the success factors, we offer you a chance to enhance your ROI by significantly reducing your energy utilization bills.

Moreover, with the integration of social responsibility, not only can your organization move towards a positive image building process, but can also lead to the harnessing of greater yields and profit.

As one of the pioneers in the solar technology in Pakistan, we believe that our solutions are ever innovating and reliable, and we do it better than anyone else. Currently we have numerous government and corporate projects of the highest standards operating throughout the nation.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

In this system solar PV panels produce DC current feeding a solar power managing unit (also known as charge controller), which through its internal inverter converts it to usable 230V 50Hz AC.

When the panels provide enough energy for all power users to be adequately fed (measured in kW per hour) the solar inverter uses no power from the grid.

If the power is lacking, the inverter may compensate using power from the grid and at night or very cloudy days it may completely switch from solar panels to main grid power use.

Solar charge controllers do everything automatically have options for users to monitor and program their operation by a simple touch screen, safe from any hazardous electric current.


How the system works

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Solar Panel

Solar panels are installed on your roof or adjacent structure. These solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into DC power.

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The DC power travels from solar panels to the solar inverter, where it is converted into AC power.

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Battery Bank (Optional)

The surplus energy from solar panels is stored into battery bank which could be used during hours of WAPDA outage.

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Utility Grid

Your business remains connected to the utility grid to supply you with electricity when you need more power than your solar energy system.


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